Viva la Franch.

“Paris police on Tuesday banned a controversial “pork sausage and wine” street party planned by extremist groups to combat what they saw as the “Islamisation” of a city neighbourhood.

The plan had sparked outrage from politicians and anti-racism groups who said it was blatantly racist and could lead to violence on the streets.”

Jesus.  Tittyfucking. Christ. Muhammed.

I woke up this morning, which was an act of racism.  Then I opened the door and condescendingly descended the stairs.  I brushed my teeth, which confirming outdated memes of the dominant power structure.  My use of Crest toothpaste was imperialist, crass, and insensitive.  I made myself a cup of coffee, which was blatantly racist.  Human rights were violated when I opened the refrigerator door, letting cold air spill out.  Activists soon assembled to protest these violations of human rights.  My unthinking actions further fanned the flames of discontent.  Natives of the area have confirmed that my first name, David, marks me as Zionist.Violence may be impossible to avoid.

Sensitivity sessions have been mandated by local police, and a UN negotiating  team is headed to the area.


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