I’d like to introduce myself.  I’m David Needleman and I’ll be posting on this blog with my dear friend James Harrell, a man with whom I’ve been friends since grade school.  Since we argue so much, we figured we might as well take it where it belongs – the internet.

First things first, shall we?  The litmus test of our day.  Do you support free speech?  Specifically, were you a Western journalist who caved to Islamic aggression and accommodated that  7th century barbarism by refusing to publish these innocuous cartoons?  Do you reward intimidation with your silent assent?

I sure as fuck don’t.

Here they are for the world to see.  H/T first of all to the original cartoonists and the Jyllands-Posten, and to, my source for the original images.  If I’d been a cartoonist at the Jyllands-Posten, I would not have been this kind to Muhammed.  I would have done something more deserving.  More in spirit with Muhammed’s teachings and the actions of his followers.  Especially as we see them practiced today, everyday, everywhere around the world.  A little something like this:

Epitaph of the New York Times: The Sword is Mightier than the Pen.

What have we learned in the 4 years since the Muhammed cartoon controversy?

Chime in. I’ll start it off by reiterating that no matter how many times apologists for Islam say so, Islam is NOT a religion of peace.  Additionaly, the Western left, our so-called intellectuals can’t fit Islam into their Sesame Street narratives. No effective intellectual defense against this barbarism has been mounted by our self-proclaimed bastions of free speech.  New York Times?  New Yorker?  Washington Post?  LA Times? Chicago Sun Tribune?  CNN?  Keith Olbermann? Cowards.

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  1. Mawwi says:

    When do we get to hear from Jaime? 🙂

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